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The Atlanta Research & Education Foundation is designed to facilitate collaborations between the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Atlanta and other institutions. We welcome your interest in our facility, personnel, and research capabilities.

Working with the larger research community, AREF is one of the leading foundations in the country devoted to improving research, education, and ultimately healthcare for our nation's Veteran population.

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Primary Research Interest
Adamson, David Neurological Surgery
Akwe, Joyce Internal Medicine
Alexy, Tamas Internal Medicine
Allam, Joanne Shirine Internal Medicine
Allen, Rachael Other
Anderson, Blake Internal Medicine
Antun, Ana Internal Medicine
Arbiser, Jack Dermatology
Arya, Shipra Surgery (General)
Astin, Millie Psychology
Barrett, A.M. (Anna) Other
Beck, George Biochemistry
Benton, Steven Audiology
Berglund, Ken Other
Blalock, Travis Dermatology
Boatright, Jeffrey Other
Boden, Scott Orthopedic Surgery
Bonta, Dacian Nuclear Medicine
Bradley, Bekh Psychology
Bremner, James Psychiatry
Brewster, Luke Surgery (General)
Butler, Andrew Rehabilitative Medicine
Cai, Hui Internal Medicine
Cartwright, Emily Internal Medicine
Cassani, Lisa
Chan, Bonnie Pharmacy
Chandrasekharan, Bindu Other
Chen, Suephy Dermatology
Cribbs, Sushma Other
Crosson, Bruce Psychology
Cui, Xiangqin Biostatistics
DelVentura, Jennifer Other
Douglas-Adams, Tresselyn Family Practice
Drexler, Karen Psychiatry
Drissi, Moulay Hicham Biology
Dunbar, Sandra Other
Duncan, Erica Psychiatry
Echt, Katharina Psychology
Edelman, Scott Radiation Oncology
Evatt, Marian Neurology
Fareed, Ayman Psychiatry
Farino, Vian
Farley, Monica Internal Medicine
Fas, Norberto Internal Medicine
Feola, Andrew Other
Fibus, Todd Radiology
Fields, Barry Internal Medicine
Filson, Christopher Urology
Fournier, Christina Neurology
Garcia, Paul Anesthesiology
Gaynes, Robert Internal Medicine
Gillespie, Theresa Oncology
Goebel, Stephan
Graham, Martha Other
Green, David Internal Medicine
Griffiths, Patricia Other
Guest, Jodie Epidemiology
Guidot, David Internal Medicine
Hackney, Madeleine Other
Harris, Wayne Oncology
Hart, C Internal Medicine
Haw, Jeehea Sonya
Hecker, Louise Other
Hershatter, Bruce Radiation Oncology
Hoover, Robert Internal Medicine
House, Kim Internal Medicine
Huang, Wei Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Hutton, William Bioengineering
Illien-Junger, Svenja Orthopedic Surgery
Ioachimescu, Octavian Internal Medicine
Iqbal, Ayesha Internal Medicine
Issa, Muta Urology
Jacob, Jesse Internal Medicine
Jani, Ashesh Radiation Oncology
Johnson, Theodore Internal Medicine
Kang, Bum-Yong Genetics
Kelly, Ursula Psychiatry
Kene-Ewulu, Ijeoma
Key, Derek Other
Kohli, Priya
Kumar, Gautam Internal Medicine
Lathrop, George Other
Le, Anh Physiology
Lynch, Mary Ophthalmology
Lynch, Raymond Surgery (General)
Maa, April Ophthalmology
Magee, Matthew Epidemiology
Manion, Aimee
Marconi, Vincent Internal Medicine
Massarweh, Nader
Mavromatis, Kreton Internal Medicine
McGregor, Keith Psychology
McIntosh, Nichole Anesthesiology
Mead, Jan Microbiology
Mehta, Ashish Internal Medicine
Merck, Samantha Other
Merlin, Didier Other
Moanna, Abeer Internal Medicine
Moghanaki, Drew Radiation Oncology
Monfared, hassan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Muly, Emil Psychiatry
Myers, Sarah Nursing
Nanes, Mark Internal Medicine
Nocera, Joe Rehabilitative Medicine
Norrholm, Seth Psychiatry
Odom, Richard Other
Oliver, Nora Internal Medicine
Olson, Darin Internal Medicine
Pardue, Machelle Other
Park, Jeanie Internal Medicine
Patel, Meghna Other
Pathak, Neha Internal Medicine
Patzer, Rachel
Payan, John Diagnostic Radiology
Penna, Suzanne Psychology
Perkins, Molly Geriatrics
Petros, John Urology
Phillips, Lawrence Internal Medicine
Pollack, Brian Dermatology
Pollock, Jonathan Surgery (General)
Potru, Sudheer Anesthesiology
Prasad, Meena Internal Medicine
Raja, Shreya Internal Medicine
Rather, Philip Microbiology
Rauch, Sheila Psychology
Ray, Susan Internal Medicine
Ready, David Psychology
Rhee, Mary Internal Medicine
Ribeiro, Maria Internal Medicine
Roberts, Joseph Orthopedic Surgery
Rodriguez, Amy Speech Pathology
Ross, Denise Pharmacy
Royal, III, Walter Neurology
Salvo, Nichol
Sanford, Jon Other
Sathian, Krishnankutty Neurology
Satola, Sarah Microbiology
Searles, Charles Internal Medicine
Serra, Monica Dietetics
Shafer, William Microbiology
Shah, Amit Internal Medicine
Shim, Seong Psychiatry
Skelton, Kelly Psychiatry
Srinivasan, Shanthi Internal Medicine
Sutliff, Roy Physiology
Sweeney, Mary Ellen Internal Medicine
Swerlick, Robert Dermatology
Tangpricha, Vin Internal Medicine
Taylor, William Internal Medicine
Teklemariam, Mesfin Biology
Thule, Peter Internal Medicine
Tomolo, Anne Internal Medicine
Tyor, William Neurology
Udoji, Mercy Anesthesiology
Vaughan, Elizabeth Internal Medicine
Venkateshiah, Saiprakash Internal Medicine
Weitzmann, Mervyn Other
Wheeler, Rebecca Nursing
Willett, Nick Bioengineering
Williams, Michael Rehabilitative Medicine
Wilson, Peter Internal Medicine
Wingo, Aliza Psychiatry
Wingo, Thomas Neurology
Wolf, Steven
Wongtrakool, Cherry Other
Woodbury, Anna Anesthesiology
Xia, Chunzhi Internal Medicine
Yeligar, Samantha Other
Yepes, Manuel Neurology
Yeung, Howa Dermatology
Yoon, Sangwook Orthopedic Surgery
Yu, Shan Neurology
Yun, Changhyon Physiology
Zafari, Abarmard Internal Medicine
Zola, Stuart Other

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