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Online Timekeeping & Leave System

Beginning March 12, 2010, AREF employees will submit all time and attendance information (including leave requests) using ADP Workforce Now Timekeeping.

Training tutorials are available to all department supervisors and timekeepers via > Human Resources > Employees > Timekeeping & Leave.

Human Resources


Employee Handbook
The policies and procedures in this handbook are not intended to be contractual commitments by the Atlanta Research and Education Foundation. They are intended to be guidelines to management and to describe procedures to be followed. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke, change or supplement the guidelines at anytime without notice. No policy is a guarantee of continuous rights or benefits. No permanent employment or employment for any term, is intended or can be implied or inferred from statements in this handbook.
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Timekeeping & Leave
Timeskeeping and leave policies, procedures, and due dates.
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Pay Statements
Through ADP, our payroll provider, we are able to offer you access to your earnings statements and W-2 forms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
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AREF-recognized holidays.
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Benefit Information
403(b) plan, health insurance plan, and dental/vision plan details.
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Documents and paperwork for all human resource-related tasks.
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