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Online Timekeeping & Leave System

Beginning March 12, 2010, AREF employees will submit all time and attendance information (including leave requests) using ADP Workforce Now Timekeeping.

Training tutorials are available to all department supervisors and timekeepers via > Human Resources > Employees > Timekeeping & Leave.

Human Resources

Timekeeping & Leave Policies

Timekeeping and leave policies and procedures vary depending on whether your position is categorized as 'non-exempt' or 'exempt.' Requirements for each type of position are outlined in our hiring policies. For questions about the categorization of your position, you should contact AREF Human Resources.

AREF uses ADP Workforce Now for timekeeping and leave requests. Your username and password are assigned by ADP during the first-time registration process.

Access the ADP Workforce Now Timekeeping System

  1. Visit the ADP Workforce Now Login page.
  2. Your User Name is the first letter of your first name, followed by your complete last name, then "@aref". The username is not case-sensitive. For example, if your name is Jane Smith, enter: jsmith@aref.
  3. Your Password was originally provided by ADP via email. Contact Human Resources if you have forgotten and need your password reset.

Non-Exempt Employees
Daily timekeeping is only necessary for non-exempt employees. Additionally, non-exempt employees must enter leave requests (vacation time, sick days, etc.) using the ADP Workforce Now product. At the end of each pay period (a calendar is located below), your supervisor reviews a log of your hours and submits your schedule to AREF HR for payroll processing. Supervisors also review and approve leave requests as they are submitted through this system.

Exempt Employees
Exempt employees are only required to enter leave requests (vacation time, sick days, etc.) using the ADP Workforce Now product. After you submit leave requests online, your supervisor will review and approve these requests. All exceptions to your regular schedule must be entered on or before the last day of each pay period.

2017-2018 AREF Payroll Calendar & Deadlines

Timecards Due
The final day in the pay period you may enter your time into the timekeeping system.

Approval Due
The date on which the timekeeper must approve employees' time sheets no later than 9:00 p.m. that day.

Special Timekeeping Dates
Highlighted cells indicate a change in the schedule due to banking holidays. The affected date is marked with an asterisk (*). Timecards must be completed by 10:00 a.m. and approvals must be completed by 4:00 p.m. that day.

Pay Period Begins


Jan 1 2017 Jan 13 2017* Jan 13 2017* Jan 20 2017
Jan 15 Jan 28 Jan 30 Feb 3
Jan 29 Feb 11 Feb 13 Feb 17
Feb 12 Feb 25 Feb 27 Mar 3
Feb 26 Mar 11 Mar 13 Mar 17
Mar 12 Mar 25 Mar 27 Mar 31
Mar 26 Apr 8 Apr 10 Apr 14
Apr 9 Apr 22 Apr 24 Apr 28
Apr 23 May 6 May 8 May 12
May 7 May 20 May 22 May 26
May 21 Jun 3 Jun 5 Jun 9
Jun 4 Jun 17 Jun 19 Jun 23
Jun 18 Jun 30* Jun 30* Jul 7
Jul 2 Jul 15 Jul 17 Jul 21
Jul 16 Jul 29 Jul 31 Aug 4
Jul 30 Aug 12 Aug 14 Aug 18
Aug 13 Aug 26 Aug 28 Sep 1
Aug 27 Sep 9 Sep 11 Sep 15
Sep 10 Sep 23 Sep 25 Sep 29
Sep 24 Oct 6* Oct 6* Oct 13
Oct 8 Oct 21 Oct 23 Oct 27
Oct 22 Nov 3* Nov 3* Nov 9*
Nov 5 Nov 18 Nov 20 Nov 24
Nov 19 Dec 2 Dec 4 Dec 8
Dec 3 Dec 16 Dec 18 Dec 22
Dec 17 Dec 29* Dec 29* Jan 5 2018
Dec 31 Jan 12 2018* Jan 12 2018* Jan 19
Jan 14 2018 Jan 27 Jan 29 Feb 2
Jan 28 Feb 10 Feb 12 Feb 16


ADP Workforce Now Timekeeping Training

ADP Workforce Now offers web-based training and quick reference guides that demonstrate the various tasks in the timekeeping module. After completing the training that is relevant for your position, you should contact AREF Human Resources for additional questions.

Important Notes:

  1. The online training and timekeeping system are compatible with IE 5.5 + and requires you to disable popup blockers.
  2. The online training and timekeeping system are not compatible with Firefox.
  3. The online training and timekeeping system are not compatible with Macintosh computers.
  4. You will need headphones or speakers for the audio of the web-based training.

AREF Employees
All employees will need to review the attached reference guides to become acquainted with the ADP Workforce Now timekeeping module. The reference guide materials are provided here, while the web-based training is available in the ADP Workforce Now system.

Supervisors & Timekeepers
All timekeepers will need to review the attached reference guides and/or web-based training to learn the new system.

  • Option 1: Web-Based Training
    The Time & Attendance – Manager Basics and Beyond Web-based training is available whenever you need it. The tutorial is self-paced, so you can complete the training at your convenience, and provides you with hands-on practice simulations. This training takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.
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