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Noteworthy Policies: Conflict of Interest
As part of the performance of official functions, each AREF employee is subject to Federal Conflicts of Interest. Each employee shall sign a “Standards of Ethical Conduct and Related Responsibilities of Employees” at the beginning of their work with the Foundation.
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Policies & Procedures

Receipt of Honoraria

AREF may receive unrestricted donations or restricted donations to support a certain investigator or research program. AREF may not accept honoraria provided to an investigator as payment for participation in an activity.

Payment of Honoraria

AREF will pay honoraria as requested to support a research or education activity. The following criteria must be met:

  1. The employee is not a federal employee; or
  2. The employee is a federal employee but can document that he/she was on annual leave and not speaking in relation to their VA expertise.
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