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Noteworthy Policies: Conflict of Interest
As part of the performance of official functions, each AREF employee is subject to Federal Conflicts of Interest. Each employee shall sign a “Standards of Ethical Conduct and Related Responsibilities of Employees” at the beginning of their work with the Foundation.
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Policies & Procedures

Educational Activities

The Atlanta Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center supports the ongoing development of it faculty and staff through educational activities designed to increase the breadth of knowledge used to facilitate patient care. AREF is committed to facilitating such activities so that 3 major goals are achieved:

  • Improving current job performance
  • Maintaining and/or enhancing employee specialized proficiencies
  • Expanding the knowledge pertaining to advances and changes in patient care, technology and health care administration

Review Process

Requests for review and approval of nonprofit education activities will be prepared and be submitted to AREF for review and concurrence. AREF will forward the requests to the VA Education and Training office for processing (if necessary) through the Non Profit Education and Training Subcommittee.

Such requests shall explicitly state how the proposed expenditure for an education activity meets the definition of nonprofit education and training.

AREF must agree to administer the proposed.

Requests will explicitly identify the source of the funds that will be used to support the activity (unrestricted education funds already deposited in AREF, name of donor of restricted education funds, etc.)

Supporting documentation will be attached to the request.

The Subcommittee will review, on an on-call basis, the requests submitted via e-mail. The Subcommittee’s recommendations will be submitted through the Education and Training Committee to the Chief of Staff and Associate Medical Center Director to the Medical Center Director.

The Subcommittee will have oversight over the following use of funds by the Atlanta Research and Education Foundation where there is no research component involved:

  • Educational seminars.
  • Employee education and training activities.
  • Patient education and training activities.

The Subcommittee will base its recommendations for proposed nonprofit education activities on applicable VA Education Manual policies pertaining to conflict of interest and appropriateness to VA’s education missions as well as the definition of education and training established by PL 106-117, Section 204 (Title 38, Section 7362).

Contact Information

Leslie Henry, Executive Director
Office: 404.321.6111, ext. 2535

Beth Holt, VA Administrative Officer for Education
Office: 404.321.6111, ext. 2411

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