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Investigator: Theresa Gillespie
Phone: (404) 778-4617
Primary Research Interest: Oncology
Description of Research: My research has focused on measuring quality of care, including development of quality care indicators for prostate cancer for the entire VA nationwide, and the impact of care quality on certain patient outcomes, e.g. on need for replacement surgery in hip replacement therapy. I have been funded by Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other funding agencies to examine cancer outcomes in prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers; patterns and quality of care for prostate and colorectal cancers and hip replacement surgery; and decision-making by both patients and clinicians. The decisions made by VA patients to participate in clinical trials or to choose certain treatment options have been a major focus of my work. Evidence -based clinical decision-making and the impact on care delivery, e..g to elderly patients considered for standard cancer treatment, impacts the quality of care as well as associated outcomes for patients across the VA system. My work in health equity has focused on cancer and transgender care, both of which are priorities for VA equity.
Relevance to VA: My research has focused on cancer-related outcomes, especially prostate cancer, and quality of care. Cancer remains a significant health problem among veterans and prostate cancer is the #1 cancer diagnosed for all veterans. Health disparities/health equity is an unifying theme for much of my work which is a priority in the VA. Additionally, my research has focused on measuring quality of care and impact on outcomes, that is a cross-cutting theme. Quality of care is of critical importance to VHA and veterans care.

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