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Clinical Studies Center Services
The Clinical Studies Center (CSC) offers a variety of services that help investigators ensure compliance with human studies regulations and good clinical research practices.

These services include training and education for research staff, assistance with Emory IRB and R&D Committee protocol submissions, informed consent review and reformatting, and initiation of a Research Clinics.
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Clinical Studies Center


Research Clinics
It is the policy of Atlanta VA Clinical Studies Center (CSC) that ALL research projects involving contact with human subjects must have a "Research Clinic" in the VISTA computer system. The guidelines and procedures described in this SOP must be followed to develop a "Research Clinic."
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Human Studies Analyst
The HSA provides guidance and support with initial and ongoing research projects. Services include assistance with protocol submissions to Emory IRB and R&D Committee, HIPAA requirements, writing of VA Authorization form, Informed Consent Form writing and formatting, modifications, continuing review, and project queries.
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Informed Consent Review
An Informed Consent Form (ICF) is required for all studies except those granted exempt status by the Emory IRB and must be prepared according to the VA/Emory IRB Consent sample. The Human Studies Analyst aids in the preparation of consent forms, helping reduce the number of revisions required before you obtain final approval.
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Training & Education
The CSC provides ongoing training and education to Investigators and Research Coordinators. Training topics include conducting human research studies, VA policies and procedures, other institutional policies, audit preparation, Code of Federal Regulations, and monthly educational meetings for Research Coordinators.
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